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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sad day today....

Just wanted to take a moment to blog before my day gets any worse and I'm too stressed to blog. My wonderful co-worker of alittle over a year is leaving me. I am glad that she has the courage to leave and straighten out her life instead of stayin and not truely seeing if it was meant to be somewhere else in life. I know she has other reasons for leaving but has yet to tell me, but I am not worried about that; she will in time tell me if shes wants to let me in on it.

Now as for today being one of the sadess days... The calls begin on her replacement. She thanks it'll be easy but as I have been here for over 4 yrs now and finding someone with enough common sense and enough will power not to flirt with every man that walks thru the door is truely hard to do.  It took her awhile to get it but she did... I hope this process will not be as painful as it has been in the past but for reason something tells me different. Ugh is all I can say... I will truely miss you sweetie you have been a blessing and best of luck to you.

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