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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beginning of Blogging...

Good morning, Good morning - Day 2 of the Blog and I am already here blogging... I thank I can stick with this.

 I am so excited that finally we're getting in lots of summery veggies. Last night we made a delicious dinner consisting of Fresh Half-runners (which is a type of green bean for those of you who dont kno much about veggies), Fresh New potatos, and baked Chicken Leg Quarters. And oh yeah don't forget the stuffing. The night before we had Fresh Fish (Brandon and Brian caught while out on the waters) with sauted Summer Squash ( 3 kinds: yellow, zuchinni, and the newest addition to summer squash a light green zuchinni) with bacon bites (which we know isnt the best but wanted them) and sliced portabela mushrooms all sauted in Seseme Oil... Umm. Tonight Brandon has to work so wont be much cooking unless I decide to but that a rarity since I love to next to him ;)

Now alittle fitness talk since I am hungry from the food talk... Yall will be too once I start posting pics. Well alittle preview: for those of you who dont know me but are starting to follow my blog... I am 27 yrs old and on a mission to get in the best shape i have ever been in. For self esteem reasons I am working on getting that "fitness body look" defined muscle tone - not too big and too skinny. I have always been alittle chunky. At 12 I was chunky by 16 I was heavy, at 18 I was pushing 250 lbs and wearing a size 20 pants. Talk about depressing. At that point I began my quest to lose weight. I was of course younger then and the weight came off pretty quickly - by 21 I was 150 lbs ( total lost 100 lbs!!!). I was happy but then of course got happy in a relationship and got fat again... you know the route fat skinny fat skinny. They say if your happy in your relationship then extra pounds show up - hmm. Nice. Well that has been my road to getting in shape - fat skinny fat skinny...Never that body I want. So now mmy goal for 2011 is to achieve that body.

I have been walking 4 miles aday since January almost everyday (generally 5-6 days a week) I have never seen results although people who surround me say that have "toned up". Well I'm batin down the hatches and taken full contoll of this - If I am going to see the results I want I am going to have to push myself all the way there. On days that my walking patner cant make our walk - I do the running thing (honestly - I am loving it!!!) I wish I could Brandon into running I would be even more attracted to him ( which I dont thank is possible but hey its worth the try). I always get exhausted about half way thru the jog/ run and cant honestly go that far but everytime I do I try to go just alittle farther than before. This summer is really gonna hender my exercising since we live in area with so much fringing humidity. Well I am going to keep track of progress and how things are going thru here along with other bloggable things.

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